This ROME FUTURE WEEK project is my personal visionary and futuristic take on the ever-expanding Eternal City. The 2023 edition features four distinct thematic areas, which I choose to represent with four specific colours, to walk users through the extremely varied event program. A further element, the red box, supplies connection to the entire area set.

Thematic areas:
1. GROWTH (growth, social and technological innovation, work, networks, research)
COLOUR: light blue

2. CONNECTIONS (sustainable means, efficient infrastructure, smart cities). COLOUR: green

3. PEOPLE (education, universities, rights, inclusion, diversity, dance, culture, music, theatre, physical and mental health)
COLOUR: purple

4. EXPERIENCES (entertainment, innovation, engagement through places, virtual spaces, flavours) COLOUR: yellow

Key-visual is represented by the statue of Moses by Michelangelo, one of the greatest visionaries of his time. A personification of an inexhaustible inner strength that tames the world, Moses conveys power, majesty: although no longer young, his face is still strong-willed and his gaze expresses great strength, while controlling his anger in the impetus of the restrained leap, in the sudden twist of his head.


DESIGN PROPOSAL: Barbara Di Pasquale