The project takes RAI in a world where everything is and will always be possible. The strength of the most innovative ideas serving a network that, since the beginning, has always been focused on the most up-to-date visual and cultural trends. We rediscover the absolute meaning of network channel’s numbering, so strong to bend elements at will and deeply evocative of original set of network’s values.
RAI 1 is now generated by transparent cubes, to focus on channel’s honest and coherent approach to services supplied.
RAI 2 is represented by a dynamic and constantly evolving structure, to focus on raising innovations.
RAI 3 is a geometrical structure building the ideal home of the Italians, to focus on a peaceful and familiar stability.
RAI 4 is the base module of ever-changing unconventional creativity, tightly tied to RAI 2, its partner.


Partendo dalla prima proposta creativa, questa soluzione prevede sempre l’utilizzo dei materiali assegnati ad ogni canale, in abbinamento ad un font bastoni grande per mettere in evidenza gli appuntamenti.


A modern graphic design approach, based on simple geometric shapes animating to compose Brand logo.

CONCEPT: Daniel Marini, Barbara Di Pasquale
ART DIRECTION: Barbara Di Pasquale