This is the creative proposal I have been engaged for a hip hop tv format, NUOVA SCENA (Rhythm and Flow).

My goal was to create a strong and eye-catching visual identity for a hip hop music contest in Italy (Milan, Rome, Naples), culminating in a final live event with a prize of 100k. NUOVA SCENA uses graphic elements that evoke the energy and vitality of hip hop culture, creating an eye-catching and recognizable image for the audience.

The brand proposals for NUOVA SCENA are designed to represent the energy, challenge, and passion of the contest. Graphic and color choices, including strong and transgressive font, full-screen transitions, and custom lettering, help creating an engaging visual experience. To enhance the unique individuality and identity of each participating rapper and city, the NUOVA SCENA brand lettering will be declined in for each name. The Teaser cast introduces guests and judges, using elements to anticipate the exciting competition that is about to begin.



DESIGN PROPOSAL: Barbara Di Pasquale