We are presented a bright white environment, quiet with its light shadows casting around.
Fully immersed in a sphere-like place, we see the typical protection items turning into three-dimensional bas-reliefs.
Just like these objects, keywords are shown in similar fashion, with a cut sequence:
1. Assicura (secures): first idea was protection helmet, then replaced with a carabiner.
2. Previene (prevents): first idea was protection mask but it really looked like an antigas-mask from WWII, so I choosed a classic protection helmet.
3. Garantisce (guarantees): I liked the first backbone idea very much, but I eventually opted for a more positive stethoscope image.
4. Protegge (protects): gears were initial idea, but I made up my mind choosing a more appropriate microscope.
These are the four concepts driving the print campaign, clearly emphasized when adv ends and we see a four-pieces puzzle mapped onto a spheric object.

SPOT 30"


DIRECTOR: Franco Pomilio
ART DIRECTION: Barbara Di Pasquale
3D: Daniele Piergiovanni
COMPOSITING: Barbara Di Pasquale
AGENCY: Pomilio Blumm