The square evolves into a circle: the 4-segments circle represents main core activities of Gruppo ATON, also supported by 4 different colors.
Yet, circle itself is not closed: spaces between segments suggest the two-way relationship between ATON – ideally within the circle – and its relevant market, the whole outside space. Also, the slight circle’s rotation offer a dynamic viewpoint of the graphic itself, representing ATON’s attitude to the market.

The writing ATON IT inherits all main concepts, being represented as an “open alphabet”, just like the circle itself.


CYAN > INNOVATION MAKERS: ATON IT creates Innovation through its strong and clear ideas.
ORANGE > INNOVATION BUILDERS: BLOCS is the BU specialized in Blockchain and Cyber Security. BLOCS takes care of online data by using state-of-art security technology.
YELLOW > INNOVATION TRAINING: again, ATON IT offers the highest training quality for all its resources.
BLUE > INNOVATION DRIVERS: SIDI is the BU specialized in production processes and ICT throughout solutions.





YEAR: 2020
CLIENT: Gruppo Aton
CREATIVE AND ART DIRECTION: Barbara Di Pasquale/Stefano Masciocchi
BRANDING: Barbara Di Pasquale
UI/UX/ID: Stefano Masciocchi